OFFBEAT® is a futuristic Engineering Company that is featured for the world to go wireless. With our cutting edge technology and unparalleled precision, we harness the full power and intelligence of digital world to create a new era of sheer performing wireless gadgets to cut-out the wires and live free in the wireless offbeat world.

Quality, Elegance & new edge styling is the key to our designs. All OFFBEAT® products are crafted with obsessive craving for perfection and are unique combination of innovative engineering, performance and truly unique electronic architecture designs to keep you on top of your game.

OFFBEAT® is constantly moving ahead with technology, offering Next-gen features & solution. Our value-driven core has been built on providing un-compromised quality and lifestyle-driven design with innovative technology to create strong relation between us and YOU.


Every company is created with a dream and the dream can be made a reality with the right people. Hence, OFFBEAT® connects with the most talented minds around the world to craft our products with utmost care. We create partnerships with companies who have a zeal for perfection. Our engineers focus on CREATIVITY – Be it the design, technology, quality or performance. Creativity is the root for any Innovation. Hence, we team-up with the best throughout the globe to provide you the best experience which is filled with more fun, convenient and productive.